• I enjoy an active and healthy life because of the incredible instructors at MatWorkz. Their knowledge about the marriage of anatomy and exercise is demonstrated in every class. When I leave the studio, I always feel great! My body and mind have been strengthened. MatWorkz is amazing!
    Nora Hickey
    Orlando, Fl
  • I’m entering my 12th year as a student at MatWorkz Pilates & GYROTONIC® Studio. Deborah Watson and her dedicated instructors care about my physical and emotional welfare. It shows in their passion displayed in every class. They ensure proper form, technique, and makes every class more unique than the last. The studio is well equipped and is full of positive energy. Nothing else in Central Florida compares to this studio!
    Christine Stewart
  • At MatWorkz, Deborah and her staff are a group of dedicated, skilled professionals who provide you with individualized attention regardless of age, body type or athletic ability in their warm and fully equipped studio. Participating at MatWorkz for 16 years has been super beneficial for me – Increasing both my strength and flexibility while addressing any specific issues that may occur with knowledge and patience.
    Gail Thomas
    Lake Nona, Fl
  • Never have I been as impressed with an instructor’s knowledge and dedication to her craft as I have with my experience with Lisa. Her dedication to my Pilates training has improved my personal body awareness, core strength, flexibility and ability to prevent neck and back injury from golf and other activities of daily living. Though I don’t have the “six-pack” abs, I feel stronger whether I sit, stand or move purposefully.  
    Kerry Schwartz
    Orlando, Fl
  • I started private lessons with Lisa almost one year ago. After sitting behind a computer for over ten hours a day for the past twelve years, my body was craving movement. I was concerned that I had trouble getting out of my desk chair and that my balance was not what it used to be. I quickly realized working with Lisa three times a week was exactly what I needed. I was not born with the workout gene, but I quickly fell in love with Pilates: building core strength, seeing my posture improve and feeling more confident about my balance.
    Randye Falk
  • I am so grateful to have found MatWorkz, and Lisa especially.  I suffer from chronic vertigo and for years, it severely limited what kind of exercise I could do.  I had lost so much strength.  Lisa works with me to adapt every exercise in a way that I can do it. She's super kind, very funny, and really warm and supportive.  I have gained so much strength and flexibility, it has greatly improved my every day life. I've become much more active, even starting to play tennis. I can't recommend Lisa highly enough.
    Maggie Lloyd
    Winter Park, FL
  • MatWorkz is a top quality Pilates facility with up to date equipment and a very professional atmosphere. I've been practicing Pilates with Lisa Ryan for a year and a half and have benefitted immensely from her depth of knowledge and commitment to my progress. Lisa and her teachings have improved my strength, coordination, and flexibility all of which are so important in preventing injury. I highly recommend MatWorkz Studio.
    Lisa Prast
    Winter Park, FL
  • MatWorkz is a well-designed and very attractive Pilates studio. The team, especially Deborah and Lisa, are extremely knowledgeable about Pilates and match their expertise perfectly to each client’s needs. The experience is both challenging and comfortable as they are excellent at motivating each client but also understanding and adapting to physical limitations. I feel so much better, stronger and taller every time I finish a work-out at MatWorkz!
    Robin Suarez
    Orlando, FL
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    My husband and I have been doing Pilates at MatWorkz for over eight years. Leslie is an amazing instructor and is always challenging us and keeping our workouts innovative and interesting. Leslie has helped us prepare for and recover from surgeries as we age as athletes. Pilates is a means to a healthy and vibrant lifestyle as you age. As former marathon runners and triathletes we were looking for a place to maintain our core strength for our athletic lifestyle. As a result, we continue to enjoy running hiking, biking, and ropes courses as much as we did as a young married couple. The studio is bright, clean and has all the latest equipment. If you are looking for a personalized place to work on your fitness goals, we highly recommend MatWorkz as a studio to stay fit, be challenged, and feel welcomed and appreciated as a client verses a membership number.  
    Don & Julie Bieger
    Winter Park, FL